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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Past GT essay - Schools do not teach young people enough knowledge to look after their health. Do you agree with this opinion?

“Health is Wealth” is a well known saying. The home, the school and the community should share the task of helping each child to be healthy. Unfortunately, health education is not given any place in most schools. Wherever it has been started, it has brought enormous benefits. This essay shall delve into the advantages that can be brought about by school health programmes.

To begin with, it has been seen that schools that provide health services and education not only benefit school-aged children, but also the entire community. This is because school children can act as messengers for other out-of-school children and members of their communities to communicate better practices in hygiene and overall health. It has also been demonstrated that de-worming programs in schools benefit out-of-school children by reducing disease transmission in the community as a whole.

Furthermore, healthier children are more likely to attend school, and absenteeism is reduced. Education and good health offer children the power of choice and opportunity, as well as optimism for a better life. In this way, health education in childhood can help establish lifelong positive behaviors. What is more, health education can help protect individuals, particularly young women, from HIV infection and pregnancy. It is widely recognized that school health and nutrition programs are essential to prevent further HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Finally, we all know that today childhood obesity is a big problem because of fast food trend. Obesity is not just one problem; it can lead to many other problems such as hypertension and diabetes at a young age. If health education is incorporated in the school curricula, this problem can be tackled to a large extent.

To conclude, it can be said that, health education should be a mandatory part of all school curricula. It would bring many benefits in times to come, not only for the children but for the entire communities.


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