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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Past GT essay - Some people prefer to live in hot climate, while others like to live in cold climate. Discuss both of the views and give your own opinions.

There are various factors which a person considers while deciding a place to live and climate is just one of them. This essay shall discuss why some people prefer a cold climate and others choose to live in a warmer one.

There are several benefits of living in a country with a hot climate. The main advantage is that people can afford being outside in the sun and doing outdoor activities. For example, residents of the hot countries spend their time sunbathing, swimming in the sea and eating in the open air. Another benefit of warm weather is that it is cheaper and easier to buy clothes and wearing less clothing gives you a feeling of freedom. Also many elderly people choose to move to hotter climates for health reasons and to avoid the harsh winter conditions.

On the other hand, cold climate also has its advantages. The main advantage is economic benefits. Many people like snow activities such as skiing, sledding and building snowmen and therefore they come to these places as tourists for such activities, so the residents get a chance to earn from tourism. What is more, people don’t have to worry about sweating and suffering from heat strokes.

Personally, I believe that extremes of both hot and cold climate are not good. Both types of climates have their share of pleasures and challenges. In India, we generally have the tropical climate in which there are four seasons – summer, winter, autumn and spring. Summers are generally very hot and winters very cool. Autumn and spring generally have pleasant weather which is neither too hot nor too cold. So we get to enjoy all types of weather.

To conclude, it can be said that there are pros and cons of both types of climates and choosing to live in any climate is a matter of personal choice.

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