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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Past GT essay - Some people think that the young children benefit from going to the nursery school before starting primary school. Others think it is better for the young children to stay all day with the families. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The appropriateness of preschools and nursery schools has always been a debated issue. It should be left on the parents to weigh the pros and cons of nursery schools before deciding on one.

On the positive side, social interaction is probably the most important skill children learn in preschool. School is not just about academic learning. It is also about developing the skills needed to get along with others, learning how to share, taking turns, handling conflicts, and listening to one another. Interacting with other children teaches them these social skills and generally improves their communication skills. Secondly, a good preschool program also teaches children pre-literacy skills such as learning all the letters of the alphabet and basic math concepts such as number and quantity.  

Additionally, preschool also helps to prepare children for school by helping them learn appropriate classroom behavior, how to interact with adults other than their parents, and gives them an opportunity to build their independence. What is more, exposure to different types of activities such as playing with blocks and listening to poetry and songs are just a few of the many experiences children benefit from in a fun learning environment. While most children may have access to do these activities with their parents, it is a completely different experience for them when they have the opportunity to play with their peers.

On the other hand, there can be some disadvantages of preschools.  Firstly, if the children are not monitored properly, they will also learn negative social skills such as teasing, bullying, and fighting. Secondly, children do not get enough quality time with their parents. Moreover, children in preschool programs are exposed to a number of illnesses, so they get sick more often than kids who stay at home. Finally, good quality nursery schools may be very expensive.

To sum up, quality nursery schools can enrich kids’ lives, build socialization skills and enhance their development. But these types of programs can also be expensive, expose kids to a plethora of illnesses and cause missed quality time with parents. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of preschool programs, parents can decide for themselves what’s best for their child.

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