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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Speaking memories - 9th Feb 2012

part 1
1.    What is the best time for you in the day
2.    What do you do at that time?
3.    When do you work?
4.    When do you study?

5.    Speak about your work?
6.    Would you like to change or no? why?
7.    Did you use public transportation?
8.    Where?
9.    What is the type of public transportation do you prefer? why?
10. What do you do during transportation?
card about
Talk about something you lost
-       where?
-       how?
-       when?
-       what did you do?
part 3
1.    Talk about possessions?
2.    What other things are people usually lose?
3.    Why people like to have possessions?
4.    Difference between the past and today about possessions?

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