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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The increased world demand for oil and gas has made it necessary for locating these sources in remote and untouched natural areas. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of damaging these natural areas. (IELTS essay 25th Feb, 2012 – India) Another version

Drilling for oil and gas around the world is a source of significant income but, at the same time it is placing increasing pressure upon the global environment. There is a race for seeking these resources in remote and previously untouched areas such as Alaska and Antarctica. However, I firmly believe that the pros of tapping these resources outweigh the cons. A number of arguments surround my opinion.

Oil drilling should be allowed in order to lower the fuel prices that will play a significant role in the economic growth of the country. If it is banned in a particular region, it leads to a situation, whereby the dependence on other countries for oil increases. In simpler words, oil import increases and consequently, it affects the overall country's income.

Another benefit of oil drilling is that the process of drilling itself and development of land after the extraction will help in engaging people, thus creating jobs for hundreds of citizens. What is more, with the development of new technologies, it has been seen that oil drilling can be done without damaging the environment and disturbing the plant and animal habitat. In the last two decades there have been no accidents such as oil spills.

Environmentalists oppose oil drilling and suggest that alternative sources of energy should be used. However, it is well known that the initial cost of setting up the solar panels and wind farms is exorbitantly high. Therefore, I reiterate my opinion in favour of drilling for oil and gas. Even if renewable sources of energy are tapped, still the demand for oil and gas will never lessen.

To conclude, I believe that drilling for oil in remote areas is the need of the day and therefore its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


  1. Can we use I,OR like in first an easy .I had read somewhere we are not allowed to you use First person or should not use I or start like this ...This easy i will discus about the pros and cons of.....

    1. you can use that when you are supporting your opinion.



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