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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Past GT essay - Among Internet, radio, TV and newspaper, which has the greatest effect on the social activity of people? Tell reasons.

In the last 50 years the media influence has grown exponentially with the advancement of technology. Each of these four media - internet, TV, newspapers and radio - impacts the social life of the people in different ways. All these media shape people’s opinions, provides entertainment and information, is a link between the government and the people and helps in providing justice at times. All these media have their own importance and uniqueness. However, TV has the greatest influence on society as it is the most pervasive of all media.

Newspapers have better breadth which means that a large number of items, issues and viewpoints can be covered. They also have better depth which implies news can be presented in detail. Newspapers can also be read and re-read at one's convenience, as opposed to being scheduled to run only during fixed time periods as is the case with TV and radio. The disadvantage of newspaper is that the ability to comprehend news in print depends on educational and literacy level which is a clear-cut advantage in case of radio and TV.

Radio, can be accessed in a variety of situations. People listen to radio while they dress and eat in the morning, commute to and from work, perform work or study, have meals and so on. Radio news reporters can provide live, local coverage in a timely manner. However, the television has an edge over radio as it combines both sight and sound, which are the two major human senses for communication, and is therefore more appealing. With the appearance of all-news cable television networks, it is now possible to bring news coverage of important global events instantaneously.

The internet is the newest source of news and is fast becoming popular among the computer literate sections of society. However, its usage depends on availability and affordability. Theoretically, we can say that the Internet incorporates characteristics from ALL of the traditional media, such as sight, sound and online versions of newspapers and magazines. The youth are the most influenced by the Internet. The social network sites on the internet have made it possible for the youth to have the widest circle of friends.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that all these media are not equivalent and interchangeable with each other, as they have unique characteristics. It is very difficult to pin point which one is the best. The television, however, is the most pervasive news media.

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