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Saturday, February 4, 2012

IELTS cue card - a piece of furniture

Describe a piece of furniture in your home. (The wording might include, "that you often use")
            You should say:
            what it is
            where it is
            what it looks like (or, what it is made of)
            and explain how or why you use it.
·        Furniture is a part and parcel of every home.
·        There is a lot of furniture in my home also.
·        There are beds and sofa sets, chairs and tables, cupboards and dressing tables.

·        But here I would like to talk about a piece of furniture that I use very often.
·        This is a study table.
·        I have this table in my room.
·        This is a special table which my father got made for me by a carpenter in my home town. The body of the table is made of pure teak wood. The top is of board which has a grey mica topping.
·        This is bigger than a conventional study table.
·        It is L shaped.
·        On one side I have set my desktop PC
·        There are shelves on the top on which I have set my books.
·        There are drawers on one side in which I keep my stationery material and CDs and DVDs.
·        There is a chair which can be slid inside the table when not in use.
·        I find this table very convenient when I have to study or work on my computer.
·        I have a beautiful table lamp on one side.
·        The light falls on my books from the left side.
·        I just love this table.
·        So, this is one important item of furniture in my house.


  1. thanks a lot kiran.............

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  3. you are doing good job sir thanks a lot...!!!!!

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