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Monday, February 27, 2012

IELTS AC essay 9th Feb Australia - The spread of multinational companies and the increase in globalization produce positive effects for everyone. Do you agree or disagree?

I disagree with the statement that the growing globalization along with the expanding multinational companies benefits all the people. Although supporters of globalization claim that there are many benefits of MNCs, they are in fact damaging the quality of life. A number of arguments support my opinion.

My first argument relates to their products. Supporters of globalization would argue that multinational companies produce high quality goods available to most people. While this may be true to some extent, it also means we have less choice of products to buy. When powerful multinational companies invade local markets with their goods, they often force local companies with fewer resources to go out of business. In consequence, we are obliged to buy multinational products whether we like them or not.

Secondly, it is sometimes said that MNCs and globalization are making societies more open. This is true to some extent but the fact cannot be ignored that as a result the human race is losing its cultural diversity. If we consumed different products societies all over the world would be more varied. This can be seen by the fact that we all shop in similar multinational supermarkets and buy identical products wherever we live.

Thirdly, defenders of multinational companies often point out that they provide employment. Although this is undoubtedly true it also means we have become more dependent on them which in turn makes us more vulnerable to their decisions. When, for example, a multinational company decides to move its production facility to another country, this has an adverse effect on its workers who lose their jobs. What is more, the jobs MNCs provide are not paid as much as they have to pay for similar jobs in their country. So, in fact they are exploiting workers of poor nations.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, multinational companies do have their benefits, but they also have their drawbacks and not everyone is benefited by them.


  1. I wanted to ask can we use as a first person like you had started ,I disagree with the statement....
    You are using a lot of first person i have read somewhere we are not allowed in an essay to use first person ...
    Hope you will clarify this doubt .I love to use it as it became my task easy .Lets see what you have in support of that.

  2. We can use first person in the intro and the conclusion.

  3. please tell me how to write an essay introduction first paragraph. :'(

    1. one easy way to write an intro is to write about 4 sentences .
      2 general statements or background information .
      paraphrase of the topic
      what you are going to do in this essay / your opinion

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