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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Past GT essay - Nowadays, some celebrities such as film stars, sportsmen and pop musicians are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree? Which jobs should be highly paid?

The high incomes of celebs in the field of sports and entertainment have always been a matter of dispute. I agree that they are getting high remuneration for what they are doing but I also firmly believe that they well deserve it. In the following paragraphs I shall put my arguments to support my opinion and also suggest some other jobs which should be highly paid.

My first argument in favour of the high salaries of these celebrities is that they have a major contribution in the lives of people. They provide entertainment and inspiration and they also bring name and fame to our country. They are role models for the society and people follow them and listen to them. Secondly, they have a very short career span. Most of the people in the sports and entertainment field start their career at the age of 19-20 and retire by 33-35 years. Whatever these celebs earn is during these few years and after that they face struggle.

My final argument is that these celebs sacrifice their personal life completely and so they do deserve these high salaries. They cannot enjoy the common things of life like the common man does. They are always followed by the paparazzi and their children too always need security. This is too much price to pay for the high salaries they receive.

There are many other professions which require high salaries. Doctors, teachers and nurses also serve the humanity and deserve higher salaries. Then, there are people working in our defense services such as the army, navy and air force. Because of them, we are leading secure lives. That is why they deserve higher pay-packages. Furthermore, people working in high risk professions such as fire-fighters and security guards should be paid more and finally people in administrative posts such as IAS and IPS officers should have higher salaries.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that people in the field of sports and entertainment well deserve their high incomes. However, there are many other professions which deserve high salaries.

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