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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cue card - a place for swimming

Describe a place (near where you live) where people go to swim.
You should say:
where this place is 
what this place looks like (what things/facilities this place has)
what kinds of people go there
and explain why people choose to go to this place (instead of other places)

·        Swimming is a very relaxing exercise.
·        There are three swimming pools in my home town.

·        One is in the Latitude Gym
·        Another one is in the City Club and the third one is in The J.C.T.Mill
·        Here I am going to talk about the JCT mill swimming pool.
·        This is the best swimming pool in my hometown.
·        The pool is free for the employees of the mill and their families but outsiders need a special permission.
·        This pool is situated inside the mill.
·        It is very beautiful.
·        It is very neat and clean.
·        The water is filtered every week.
·        That is why most people like to go there instead of other places.
·        I also go there with my friends during the summer vacations.
·        There are 5 trainers who teach swimming.
·        The fee for learning swimming is also very nominal.
·        There are shower rooms for people to change and take bath later on
·        The pool has different depth levels on different sides.
·        Beginners are only allowed the shallow side.
·        The maximum depth of this pool is 16 feet
·        There is also diving facility
·        So, this is the swimming pool which I like the most.

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