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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Past GT essay - Nowadays some professionals such as doctors, lawyers and engineers are paid much higher than ordinary workers. What do you think of this trend? Are there any jobs which you think should offer higher salaries?

It is irrefutable that doctors, lawyers and engineers are paid much higher than ordinary workers. In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss this issue in length and also suggest some other occupations which deserve higher salaries.

To begin with, professions, such as medical, engineering and law, require far more years of study than ordinary workers. For example, for a basic M.B:B.S degree, more than 5 years of study is required and after that to specialize in any specific field another three to five years are required. A person with a simple M.B:B.S degree does not earn all that high. Similar is the case with engineering and law professions. They have to undergo many years of struggle and training to finally reach their telephone-figure salaries.

Secondly, it requires a lot of financial input to attain these degrees. Many students have to take loans to study which they have to repay later on. They may remain in debt for many years while they pay off their student loans. Therefore, their higher salaries are justified. Ordinary workers, on the other hand, do not have to spend huge amounts on their college and university fees. What is more, some of these professions are round-the-clock professions very challenging physically as well as emotionally. Finally, it would not be wrong to say that not all such professionals are highly paid. Many of them keep struggling throughout their lives.

There are many other jobs which merit higher salaries. I believe that teachers and nurses are doing commendable jobs for the society. They should be paid lucrative salaries so that people want to join these occupations. Then, there are people working in our defense services such as the army, navy and air force. Because of them, we are leading secure lives. That is why they deserve higher pay-packages. Furthermore, people working in high risk professions such as fire-fighters and security guards should be paid more and finally people in administrative posts such as IAS and IPS officers should have higher salaries.

To sum up, I pen down saying that there is no doubt that doctors, lawyers are receiving high salaries, but they rightly deserve them and many other professions are there which need to be paid more.

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