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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The increased world demand for oil and gas has made it necessary for locating these sources in remote and untouched natural areas. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of damaging these natural areas. (IELTS essay 25th Feb, 2012 – India)

Drilling for oil and gas around the world is a source of significant income but, at the same time it is placing increasing pressure upon the global environment. There is a race for seeking these resources in remote and previously untouched areas such as Alaska and Antarctica. However, I firmly believe that the cons of tapping these resources outweigh the pros. A number of arguments surround my opinion.

It is irrefutable that fossil fuels helped to drive the industrial revolution and increase our luxuries, their extraction has caused a terrible impact in the environment and continues to damage this planet. The main problem with the extraction of fossil fuels is that the transportation of these fuels can be very expensive. A lot of infrastructure is required with pipelines and shipping routes stretching thousands of kilometres.

Furthermore, sometimes accidents can occur when these materials are taken overseas. These accidents are not only expensive to the human pocket, but also harm the environment in an immeasurable way. An example of this is the spill which took place in 1989 in Alaska. This was the largest spill in the history of United States. About 2,800 sea otters and 250,000 seabirds were killed by the spill. Harbor seals, bald eagles, killer whales, and salmon were also greatly affected.

The final problem would be the greenhouse effect. The extraction and use of fossil fuels is causing global warming. This is because when we use fossil fuels, it causes carbon dioxide, water vapor, ozone, nitrous oxide, halocarbon gases, and methane to collect in the upper layers of atmosphere which causes the greenhouse effect. We have to use alternative sources of energy which are non-polluting otherwise the whole Earth will very soon transform into a boiling pot.

To conclude, there is no doubt that fossil fuels are a very important resource in these times and because of them we have many luxuries such as cars, heating, electricity, running water, and many more. But we cannot forget that our biggest luxury is our planet and it is being damaged by the excessive extraction and use of these fuels. This is why people around the world should support the use of renewable resources. By doing this, we will not only have a chance to restore the environment, but can also still have a comfortable and much healthier way of life.


  1. Hi Kiran
    Whats your opinion if some answer this question otherway.

    There migh be less enviornmental damage if we get oil and gas from remote areas without damaging natural resources.
    There are chancesthat endangered species could be saved if these fossils fuels will be taken from remote areas without damaging natural resources.

    thats what I have written in my exam ,I know I have done mistake because I was really panic and my task-1 was so perfect that could get 8 or higher but worried about task-2.
    do you think can I get 7 eventhough I messed up with task-2 ,my last score was 8 in writing doest make any impact on this result.

    Thanks in advance ,waiting for your reply.

  2. I have never been an IELTS examiner but from my past experience I can tell that you will surely get more than 7 even if you have messed up with what is a technical knowledge that these test conductors expect from IELTS students. If your answer is gramatically correct and u have used transition signals properly, u will surely get 7.5 or may be more if ur task 1 has gone well.

  3. Thanks Kiran,
    Really appriciate your time.I will update you with my score and experience that my help to other student in future.
    Thanks again and god blees you with everything.

  4. I am a current IELTS examiner in Australia and was interested to stumble on your site. It has a wealth of sample essays. However, I would just like to point out that "I pen down saying..." is not an expression that I have ever heard used. I think you should delete this from your essays as I will have to explain this to those whom I tutor.

    1. hi
      i m a student from pakistan and i ll b taking test on 14 of april to study in australia.i m working v hard for the test but having trouble in reading section.plzzzzzz can u help email adress is

  5. Thank you so much for your comments. I will surely make the corrections. I would like to have your e-mail ID, if you don't mind. I would like to learn a lot more from you. Thanks once again.



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