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Saturday, February 4, 2012

IELTS cue card - a foreign culture

Describe a foreign culture that you are interested in.
You should say:
-          what this culture is
-          what you know about this culture
-          how you learned about/from this culture
-          and explain why you feel this culture is interesting.
Ÿ  Nowadays, we belong to a small global village.
Ÿ  National boundaries have almost disappeared.
Ÿ  We are exposed to foreign culture more than any other time in history.
Ÿ  I know of many foreign cultures such as the fast food culture and the call-centre job culture.

Ÿ  But here I would like to talk about a foreign culture which I really like.
Ÿ  This is the celebration of a special day which is Mother’s Day.
Ÿ  My cousin came from US last year and she told me about this day.
Ÿ  She told me that it falls on the second Sunday of May every year.
Ÿ  She also told me that this day basically started in America but is now celebrated in many countries of the world.
Ÿ  She also told me that this day is celebrated with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm in USA.
Ÿ  I feel that this culture is interesting because it gives children an opportunity to thank their mothers for all the sacrifices she does in raising them.
Ÿ  Normally we take our mother for granted and never think about what she does for us.
Ÿ  Such days remind us the importance of mother and motherhood.
Ÿ  I was surprised to see that in stationery shops here, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day cards are available.
Ÿ  This shows that we Indians are also following the good points of foreign culture.


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