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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Templates for the IELTS essays

Generally 3 types of essays come in the IELTS
Opinion essays also called the agree/disagree essays
Discuss essays also called the for/against essays
Problem solution essays or essays in which some question has been asked which you have to answer
Introduction – you have to state your opinion in this essay
Introduction – Give a balanced view. Opinion is not to be given here
Introduction – Point out here what you are going to write in your essay. For example – In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss the problems related to this issue and suggest some ways forward / solutions.
Body paragraph 1
Body paragraph 1
Body paragraph 1
Body paragraph 2
Body paragraph 2
Body paragraph 2
Body paragraph 3
Body paragraph 3
Body paragraph 3
Conclusion – Restate your opinion
Conclusion – give your opinion here
Ideally, the introduction and conclusion should be only 2-3 sentences and body paragraphs should be 7-8 sentences.
Body paragraphs
Opinion or agree/disagree essay – You can make a totally one sided essay by agreeing or disagreeing or you can partially agree and write both sides of the topic. You can also put both sides of the issue by completely agreeing or disagreeing but the way of presenting the opponents viewpoint is important. You must again reiterate your opinion after acknowledging the opponents view.
For/against or discuss essay – In this essay your opinion comes in the conclusion but you can write two body paragraphs on the view you agree with and one paragraph of the other view.
Problem / solution essay – Give 2 paragraphs of problems and one of solutions OR give one paragraph of problems and one of solutions OR give one paragraph of one problem and its solution, second paragraph of another problem with its solution and a third paragraph with the third problem and its solution.
( As you go through the essays on this blog, try to see what plan has been followed. There may be some individual variation in a few essays depending on the topic.

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