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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IELTS letter - Write a letter to the landlord and complain about the repair work. In your letter, you should include: The details of last repair What the problem is Give suggestions to landlord on how to repair it

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am your tenant from apartment number 11102, Bissonnet Street. I am writing to complain about the repair work you did on my kitchen cupboards. Most of the work you did was satisfactory but, unfortunately there are some problems that require immediate attention from you.

As you are well aware, you had to get the kitchen cupboards repaired and re-installed.  Most of the cupboards have been well installed but the one just next to the cooking range is not well fitted. There is a problem with its doors. They are not closing properly.  As a result they keep opening and can cause injury.  

I request you to get the work properly finished. My parents are coming to stay with me for a month and I don’t want any injury to happen to them. I therefore urge you to get this problem fixed within this week. You may call me at 9888195776 to confirm the day. 

I look forward for a prompt action from you regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Kiran Makkar


  1. hi kirans,

    it is Moon again. i would like to thank you for such useful posts. i am a bit nervous b/c my test will be after 2 weeks. i would be very grateful if you could write the following letters briefly:

    1- You have started a course after reading its details in a brochure. Unfortunately it turned out to be totally different from the description in the brochure. Write a letter to the manager, including the following:
    - Mention the details of the course.
    - Explain how it was different.
    - What course you would like to take instead?

    2-You won a competition and received a vacation for two as a prize. Write a letter to invite a friend to go with you. In the letter

    - tell about the competition you won,
    - specify what kind of vacation it is,
    - explain why you want your friend to be there.

    thanks a lot

  2. thanks for providing this information really it is helpful

    IELTS letter



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