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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

IELTS letter - You ordered two items through internet and you received two different items. Write a letter to the manager: -Explain about what you ordered, - Ask why the two other items were different, - Ask about how would he solve this problem.

Dear Sir,

Today morning I received my order of the external hard disk and the camera that I had ordered over the internet from your website . I was shocked to see that both the things were very different from what I had ordered. 


I ordered an external hard disk of WD Company and I specifically ordered a 500 GB one. What I received was a hard disk of 250 GB and that too of Sony. The second thing I ordered was a Canon Power Shot camera of 12 mega pixels but you sent me a Sony Cyber Shot of 7.2 mega pixels.

I have been a regular customer from your website but such a problem has occurred for the first time. I paid online for the two things I ordered and I printed out the receipts. I fail to understand how this mistake could have been done.

I would like you to either send me the refund or the actual items I purchased. Also please advise how you want me to send these things, which I got, back to you. Hoping for a prompt reply from you regarding this matter!

Yours faithfully
Kiran Makkar

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