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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cue card - Describe a friend who could be a good leader. · What is his/her name? · How did you meet him/her? · Do people behave differently when he/she is around? · Why do you think he/she can be a good leader?

 I have many friends but here I would like to talk about my best friend Shyam because I believe he has all the qualities needed to be a good leader.
He lives in my neighbourhood.
He is 20 years old and very handsome.
We have been friends since school days.
I remember, I used to be very shy and never used to go to the teachers with my problems.
But, he never had any hesitation to speak to the teachers or the principal.
In fact, he used to represent the whole class, if we had any problem and needed to talk to our school principal.
He has no glossophobia and every year he used to represent the school for debates and declamation contests and he won many trophies for the school.
He always used to be selected as the monitor of the class. In college, now he heads the students union.
Whenever he talks on any subject, he speaks so well that people listen to him. He can bind his audience very well.
He is himself very disciplined and he always used to encourage other students to be punctual.
He used to be very good in studies also.
He used to be in the good books of all teachers.
He could join politics and be a successful politician, but he wants to be an IAS officer.

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