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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Talk about your last holidays -Do you like to go on holiday? -Where do you like to go? -Do you prefer to travel alone or with others? -What do you do in your holidays?

(written by Anita)

·        To overcome the monotony of daily life everyone needs vacations.
·        So, I am also very fond of going on holidays.
·        Here I am going to talk about my last holidays which I spent in Singapore and Thailand.
·        It was a 15 days trip.
·        I booked this trip through Thomson travelling company.
·        I went there during my summer vacations.
·        I went there with my family. 
·        We went there by air.
·        We enjoyed a lot there.
·        I liked very much to go on holidays because with holidays we feel very relaxed.
·        I would like my holidays to be spent in foreign countries, because when we go to other countries , we get a lot of knowledge.
·        I prefer to travel with my family because when we go alone anywhere we get bored.
·        Also it is well said ,"The more the merrier."
·        I enjoyed a lot in this trip.
·        We saw many buildings, temples and historical places.
·        We did a lot of shopping there, and enjoyed a lot.
·        In this trip, I saw a beach in Pattaya city, Budh temples in Bangkok, many tall buildings in Singapore.
·        We clicked many photos there.
·        I remember all the memories vividly.
·        Overall, it was a wonderful trip.

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