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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Describe a teacher you had in school, please say - who the teacher was, - why this teacher was important to you, - whether you would like to meet that teacher in the future again and why

·        I had many teachers in my school time, but here I would like to talk about my maths teacher Mrs Promilla.
·        She was in her forties at that time.
·        She was not very tall, but very attractive.
·        She always wore a saree.
·        She was very particular about her clothes and always had matching accessories to go with her sarees.

·        She taught me mathematics.
·        I remember, I was very weak at maths.
·        She became my maths teacher when I was in fifth class.
·        She taught maths in such a way that I began to like maths.
·        She used innovative ways to teach maths.
·        She was very important to me because I was not afraid of going to her with my problems.
·        Other teachers were very strict and all students were afraid of them.
·        But, Mrs Promilla was like a friend, philosopher and guide.
·        She never used to get mad at us.
·        She even encouraged us to take part in extra-curricular activities.
·        Once, I took part in a debate competition at her advice.
·        I won the consolation prize.
·        That built my confidence and after that I won many prizes for my school.
·        I would definitely like to meet that teacher again because what I am today is because of her.

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