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Monday, September 19, 2011

Describe a walk that you have enjoyed - Where was it - When was it - With whom

·        I go for a morning walk daily
·        But here I am going to talk about a walk that I enjoyed the most
·        The walk was with my friend
·        He is studying in Australia
·        He had come to India during his vacations
·        He spent one night with me last month
·        The next morning we both went for a long walk
·        We enjoyed the early morning breeze and chatted with each other.

·        There is a very big park near my house.
·        It has a very nice jogging track.
·        We took two rounds of that track
·        We chatted a lot.
·        He told me many things about his study in Australia
·        He had to face many difficulties initially as it took him two months to find a part time job.
·        Now he has a job there and is also doing well in studies.
·        During that walk, he persuaded me to take the IELTS test and join him in Australia.
·        We also shared nostalgic memories of our college days with each other.
·        That walk is very memorable for me because it brought a turning point in my life.
·        Earlier I had never thought of studying abroad.
·        Now I am also planning to go to Australia for my higher education.
·        That is precisely why, I am here in front of you taking my IELTS exam.

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