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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Talk about a place near water you visited in your childhood. Please say - Who did you go with? - When was it? - Where was it located? - What did you do there? - What did you like or dislike about this place?

·         There are a number of places in India with lots of water.
·         There are lakes and rivers and sea-shores.
·         The lake I am going to talk about here is Sukhna Lake.
·         It is in Chandigarh.
·         I went there with my school trip when I was in 10th.

·         I remember we were 30 students and four teachers.
·         We went by bus.
·         We did a lot of activities there.
·         We did boating
·         We also did some shopping from a souvenir shop over there.
·         I liked the boating part the best.
·         I disliked that many tourists were littering the place with wrappers of food items and empty water bottles
·         Sukhna lake is the greatest gift from le Corbusier to the people of Chandigarh.
·         The lake is fringed by a golf course to the south and Nek Chand’s famous Rock Garden to its west.
·         It is a man-made lake.
·         It was made in 1958.
·         The people of Chandigarh love Sukhna.
·         It is a venue for many festive celebrations.
·         The most famous is mango festival which is held during monsoon where varieties of mangoes are on display.
·         This is also a spot for bird watchers.
·         The children enjoy a number of joy rides and a mini train.
·         In the evenings Sukhna comes alive with tourists.
·         I like it because of its picturesque beauty.
·         As night descends, the lights from the hills of Kasauli present a bewitching sight.

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