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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Talk about a program that you saw on TV and did not like. Please say - What program was it? - What was it about? - Why didn’t you like it? - What could have been done to make it better?

(written by Manish)
·         I have seen many TV programmes in my life.
·         But here I am going to talk about the TV programme, I didn’t like.
·         The TV programme was “Rakhi ka insaaf”.
·         I saw it in last December.
·         I was in Chandigarh at that time
·         I had gone there to spend a day with my friend Rajan.
·         We spent the whole day together and at night after dinner, Rajan switched on the TV.
·         The show Rakhi ka insaaf was going on the channel NDTV imagine.
·         It was a reality show hosted by “Rakhi”.
·         Rakhi is an Indian actress.
·         Rajan is great fan of Rakhi. So he didn’t let me change the channel.
·         The show was based on giving advice to people regarding their problems of day to day life.
·         I did not like the show.
·         I felt it very funny that a person like Rakhi who is herself involved in many controversies can advise people nicely.
·         There was also lots of vulgarity in Rakhi’s language.
·          I believe that a person who has a link with law should host these types of shows.
·         The host could be any person who has some standing in society and who is respected by the masses. For instance people like Kiran Bedi or any retired personnel related to the judicial system.

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