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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Speaking memories ( 24th Sept)

1.       What is your full name?
2.       Can I see your identity?
3.       What are you doing – working or studying?
4.       What do you like in your job?
5.       Did you face any difficulty in finding this job?
6.       Do you think mobile phones are good for use? Why?
7.       Did you find any difficulty in using the mobile phone?
8.       Have you ever learnt dancing?
9.       On what occasions people dance in your country?
10.   Do you enjoy when you see other people dancing?
11.   How do you feel when you see other people dancing?

Cue card
Talk about a situation when you were a little angry
-          What was the situation
-          Where was it
-          Who was there
Follow up
1.       Do you think it is good to hide one’s emotions?
2.       In your opinion, should one hide one’s feelings or express them?
3.       How do people in your country express their feelings?
4.       Some people can understand others feelings by seeing them? Do you think it is like that?
5.       Some people don’t care about others feelings. They are stuck to their own feelings. Do you think it is good?
6.       Do you think children should learn to understand others feelings?
7.       In your opinion who expresses his feelings openly – men or women?

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