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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Describe a noisy place you have visited recently. Please say - Why was it noisy? - What effect does the noise have on you?

Noise pollution is everywhere these days.
It is difficult to find a peaceful place except for the countryside.
Here I would like to talk about a noisy place which I visited recently.
Two weeks ago, it was my cousin’s wedding.
It was in Prime resorts, a marriage palace, in my home town
I went there with my parents

The wedding hall was full of people as my uncle has a wide circle of friends and he had distributed over 500 invitation cards.
For some time all went well.
But then the DJ started playing and the friends of the bride and relatives of the bride and groom started dancing to the beat of music.
The music was so loud that it was difficult to hear what the person next to you was saying.
I went to the DJ and requested him to put down the volume.
He did so at my request but then the people dancing there shouted at him to again put up the volume.
The noise was not at all disturbing them.
We came out of the hall to get some respite from the noisy atmosphere.
But outside was no better.
There is a sugar mill just adjacent to the Prime Resorts.
A deafening noise was coming from that mill.
I heaved a sigh of relief when it was time to get back home.
I remember, I had a splitting headache and had to take 2 disprin tablets on getting back home.


  1. what is the grade for this speaking approximately?

  2. Speaking is not just what you speak. It is how you speak. So the same cue card could get you 7 or 5 bands.



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