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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Writing memories - 3rd December, India

AC task 1 - Table - the table below shows the proportion of women who are in workforce and who are in management in diffferent countries which are Australia ,Japan,United States,China and Italy.

AC task 2 - Essay - Research has shown that overeating can be as harmful as smoking.Advertisements of food products should be banned as there ia a ban on use of cigarettes in some countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


  1. Research has shown that overeating can be as harmful as smoking. Advertisements of food products should be banned as there is a ban on use of cigarettes in some countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Nowadays, in most parts around the globe, increasing number of diseases related to various food items and food habits of people has put a question mark on the advertisements of food products. Even though advertisements related to food products provide valuable information to humans, some people think that it should be banned to avoid the spread of fatal diseases. However, I believe that helpful advertisements and proper health education are essential to prevent diseases caused by overeat rather than the ban of food advertisements.
    Firstly, it is evident that advertisements provide lots of information about a product. Indeed, they play a vital role in order to make people aware of numerous facts about what they buy to eat in their daily life. This is because most of the food companies are really concern about the health of their customers whereas cigarette companies only aim profit which is in this highly competitive business world. For example, 100% fat free and sugar free captions are used in the advertisements of food products these days which helps the people to select these stuffs which is instrumental to control the high cholesterol and sugar levels . An absence of these informative advertisements may lead the people to buy the wrong food products related to their health conditions. Thereby, informative advertisements about food products are indispensible for protecting the health of people in various ways.
    Secondly, it is evident that lack of health awareness generates poor health among public. In fact, people who overeat are not aware of the consequences of this terrible practice. The main reason for this unawareness is the lack of governments’ attention in the public health. For example, if the governments provide health education about the importance of a well balanced diet, this not only develops the public health but also enhance the awareness about the wholesome eating habits. As a result people become aware of the negative effects of overeat like obesity and gastric problems through these awareness programs. Therefore, awareness programs which related to the eating habits certainly have an edge over the idea of the ban of advertisements.
    To conclude, although overeat cause many disease these days, informative advertisements and proper health education programs promotes the healthy eating habits which is necessary for the human survival whereas advertisements of cigarette smoking adversely affect the human survival. Perhaps, in future, useful advertisements and educational programs about food products may help the people to stay away from diseases related to food and food habits.


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