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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Describe an enjoyable conversation on phone which you have had recently? · who spoke on phone? · what was the conversation? · how much time it lasted??

·         I’ve had many conversations on phone but here I would like to talk about an enjoyable conversation which I had on phone recently.
·         I had this conversation last month on my cell phone.
·         My friend, Jyoti, called from Canada.
·         She went there last year for her higher education.
·         This conversation lasted approximately one hour.

·         Actually, she was calling from her skype account and so we were not worried about the cost factor.
·         The conversation was about her experiences in Canada.
·         This conversation was very enjoyable because this was her first call to me after she had left for Canada.
·         I learnt many things from this conversation.
·         Actually, I am also planning to go to Canada on study basis.
·         She told me all about her studies in Canada.
·         I asked her if she faced any problems in Canada.
·         She told me that initially she faced some problems but now she is comfortable there.
·         She told me that initially she could not find any job and she also faced some food problems.
·         Actually she is a strict vegetarian and vegetarian food outlets near her college are very few.
·         She told me that now she is working in a library.
·         I was very surprised to know that students can work 20 hours a week and earn some money to cover their living expenses.
·         We also refreshed our nostalgic memories of our school days with each other.
·         So this was the most enjoyable conversation I had with my friend recently.

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