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Monday, December 19, 2011

Speaking memories – 17th Dec (1)

1.    What is your name?
2.    May I see your ID
3.    Where do you come from
4.    What do you like in your city
5.    What is happiness?
6.    What makes you happy?
7.    Is money necessary for happiness?
8.    Is unhappiness always a bad thing?
9.    What do you like in your house?
10. What would you like to change in your house?
11. What time you like to spend with family

Cue card
Something you have learnt recently
-          What is it
-          How you felt about it
Follow ups
1.    Who learns faster – children or adults?
2.    Apart from school, where else can children learn something?
3.    How can students keep in touch with teachers?
4.    What are the benefits of connecting to teachers through internet?

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