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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Speaking memories 10th December 2011

1.    May I know your full name?
2.    Where do you come from?
3.    Do you work or study?
4.    Do you enjoy your job?

5.    How do you spend your weekends?
6.    Do you have any plans for the next weekend?
7.    Do you enjoy your weekends now or did you enjoy them more in childhood?
8.    When did you first use the internet?
9.    Is internet a source of knowledge?

Cue card
An old person you like to talk to
-          Who is he
-          How do you know him
-          Why do you find him interesting to talk to
Follow ups
1.    Should the elderly live with family?
2.    What are the benefits if the old people stay with family?
3.    What do children learn from the elderly?
4.    Can children learn anything from the elderly?
5.    Can children teach anything to their elderly?
6.    Do old people want to learn from their children?

1 comment:

  1. What is your full name?
    Do you like your full name?
    Have you ever thought of changing your name? Why?
    What is tradition of naming the child in your culture?

    Cue Card: Describe about one of your favorite gardens. What do you like about it.

    Follow up:
    1) Should there be public gardens in all cities? Why?
    2) Govt. spend money on upkeep of public gardens. Do you agree that they should charge public for visiting public parks? Why?
    3) Should children be taught about nature, trees and plants?

    If you go somewhere on vacation. Will you buy picture postcard from the location or click a photograph yourself? Why?
    Do you like photography? What kind of photographs you like? Why?
    Do people you know take lot of photographs? Why?

    10 Dec. Chandigarh



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