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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Describe a place outdoors where you go to relax. Please say: - Where is this place? - How often do you go there? - Why does it help you relax?

·         There are many outdoor places where we go to relax such as parks, restaurants and religious places.
·         Here I would like to talk about a Sikh temple of my home town where I go very often to relax.
·         It is in the suburbs of my home town.
·         It is a very relaxing and peaceful place.

·         I feel very relaxed whenever I go there.
·         I go there very often, in fact once or twice a week.
·         It helps me relax because I forget all my worries and tensions whenever I listen to the hymns and chants coming from the temple.
·         This is also a historical temple related to the sixth guru of Sikhs, Guru Hargobind Ji
·         There is a holy pond outside the temple in which devotees take a dip for (the ablution of) washing away their sins.
·         There are benches for people to sit all around the pond
·         There is a lot of greenery all around.
·         There is a community kitchen also where food is served in the mornings and evenings.
·         An NGO is running a charitable dispensary over there.
·         It provides free medicines to one and all.
·         There is a great rush in the mornings and evenings.
·         Despite the rush, it is very peaceful and calm because mostly people come to pay obeisance to the almighty.
·         Sometimes I go with my grandparents and sometimes I go with friends.
·         Whenever I spend time there, I am filled with new energy and positive thoughts.
·         I return home refreshed and re-energised.
Follow ups
1.    Do you think it is more difficult to relax when you are at home?
Yes, I think so because at home somebody or the other can always disturb you.
2. Do you think there is a difference in relaxation activities between old and young people?
Yes, there is a lot of difference between relaxation activities of the young and old people. Old people relax in parks and religious places. They need to relax physically because they are physically weaker than the young. The young people on the other hand have a lot of pent up energy in them. They feel relaxed when they release that energy. This may be by doing vigorous physical activity like playing or dancing or even going to the gym.


  1. I feel very relaxed whenever I go my girlfriend house

  2. Dera Paresh
    is your girlfriend's house outdoors or indoors.

  3. I feel relaxed whenever i go to playgroud



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