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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Talk about a job that helps to make the world a better place. Please say - What job is it? - Where did you learn about it? - Why do you think it helps so much?

·        There are many jobs in the world which help to make the world a better place such as the job of a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a scientist, a politician and so many more.
·        In fact the world can be made better by the cumulative effort of all these jobs.
·        Here I would like to talk about a job which helps to make the world a better place.
·        This is the job of a teacher.

·        Everyone passes through the hands of teachers in school and college years.
·        Teachers are known as nation builders.
·        All other professions such as doctors and nurses also pass through the hands of a teacher.
·        That is why I believe that teachers can make the world a better place.
·        A teacher is like a candle that burns itself and shows light to others.
·        Since age-old times, teaching has been considered a noble profession.
·        In ancient India, there was the gurukul system.
·        Even the king’s children stayed in the home of the guru or the teacher.
·        They used to do the household chores of the guru and in return the guru imparted knowledge.
·        Teachers improve the literacy rate of a country.
·        When literacy rate is high, crime and violence go down.
·        A teacher requires good communication skills and depth of knowledge of his subject.
·        A good teacher should treat all students equally.
·        Nowadays, teachers are being paid handsomely be the government.
·        This is to lure bright students to join this profession.


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