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Monday, December 19, 2011

Speaking memories – 18th Dec (1)

1.    Tell me your full name?
2.    May I see your identification please?
3.    Where do you live – house or apartment?
4.    Describe it?
5.    What are the benefits of home made food?
6.    Is it important to eat together in your country?
7.    What is the popular food in your country?
8.    What room do you like the most in your house?

Cue card
Character from a story you heard in childhood
-          Who is the character
-          How does it look like
-          What you learn from this character
Follow ups
1.    What stories children liked in earlier times and what do they like now?
2.    What do children learn from these stories?
3.    What stories children hear from their parents?
4.    How can parents help children regarding the stories which they read?

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