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Monday, December 19, 2011

Speaking memories – 17th Dec (4)

1.    What is your name?
2.    May I see your ID
3.    Where do you come from?
4.    Do you like your name?
5.    Are you studying or working?
6.    In which school did you study?
7.    How did you get to school?
8.    Why did you choose that school?
9.    Did that school have a good education system?

Cue card
Describe a newspaper/magazine you recently read
-          How often you read the newspaper/magazine
-          Who are the main readers
-          What sections are there
Follow ups
1.    What magazines are popular in your area?
2.    Which newspaper is popular in your home town
3.    Which newspapers people like to read in your home town
4.    Which magazines gents like?

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