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Saturday, October 1, 2011

a peaceful place

Describe a peaceful place that you like to go to. Please say
- What is this place?
- When do you go there?
- What do you do there?
- Explain why you feel it is peaceful there

·         It is very difficult to find peaceful places in the fast paced life of today.
·         However, I would like to talk about a place where I go quite often and I find great peace there.
·         The place I am referring to is Golden temple, Amritsar.
·         I go there once a month, sometimes with family and sometimes with friends.
·         It takes less than 2 hours by train to reach Amritsar

·         Just outside the railway station of Amritsar, there is a free bus service for the golden temple, every half an hour.
·         Whenever, I go there, I take a round of the temple, and pay obeisance to the almighty.
·         This temple, is amidst a holy pond.
·         People take a dip in this holy water as it is believed to cure many diseases.
·         Years ago a leper took a dip in this holy water and got cured of his leprosy.
·         I just sit in one corner and listen to the holy chants going on all the time there.
·         It gives me great peace of mind.
·         I feel that the tempo of life has slowed down a bit.
·         I thank the almighty for all he has given me and also ask forgiveness for all the wrongs that I have done.
·         I feel very light-hearted after that.
·         Even though there is always a great rush in this temple, yet one can find peace there.
·         Sometimes, I offer voluntary services in the community kitchen over there.
·         Free food is offered to one and all in the community kitchen and this service is round the clock.
·         I generally go there on a Sunday and return home by evening

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