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Saturday, October 1, 2011

clothes you like to wear

Talk about the kind of clothes you prefer. Please say
- What kind of clothes do you like?
- Why do you like that particular kind?
- Where do you buy such clothes 

·         Fashion in clothes is an ever changing thing.
·         I generally like to go with the latest fashion and wear different clothes on different occasions.
·         However, I don’t blindly follow fashion.
·         I don’t wear revealing clothes and wear only those clothes which suit me.

·         Jeans and T-shirts are my favourites when it comes to casual wear.
·         I like to wear branded jeans like levi’s or spykar.
·         I know that these are costly brands but I don’t buy many jeans.
·         I generally buy one or two pairs in a year and that too during the off-season sale.
·         I wear sports shoes whenever I wear jeans and T shirts.
·         It is my personal experience that branded jeans are more durable and I and it is also a status symbol to wear such brands.
·         In summers I wear cotton T shirts and in winters I wear jackets with my jeans
·         On formal occasions I wear formal clothes such as salwar kameez or a sari. ( Boys – On formal occasions I wear formal pant suit or traditional kurta pyjama.
·         I wear matching accessories with my clothes.
·         I do all my purchasing from stores in my home town.
·         You know, ma’m, my hometown is a shopper’s paradise.
·         All brands are available here.
·         People from other cities also come to do shopping here.

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