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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Describe a museum you enjoy visiting You should say - where this museum is - what can you see in this museum - how long u spend in this museum

This is the first time I am putting a link for an audio file for the cue card. I would appreciate if you put some comments - positive or negative - both are welcome. In cue cards, I believe that how you speak is very important

.Listen here

Listen here


  1. great I think it is just great . I am from Egypt and because of you I got 7 in writing .

    I think you need to be more calm as there is a bit of hesitation , and i think it would be better
    in the next time when you get rid of the fair.

    great great great
    yasser samy

  2. Congrats for getting 7 in writing. What was ur essay and graph topic. What were ur speaking questions? Please e-mail me ur questions.
    Thanks for the comment on the cue card. I have no fear of IELTS. I dont have to take IELTS. I train students for IELTS.
    BTW, your marks are coz of your efforts. Not because of me. However, I am happy, the blog gave you some ideas.

  3. hi kiran, first of all i would like to thankyou deeply from my heart for the help and guidance you are providing to students including myself.I am a regular visitor of your blog and it has actually improved my writing skills and speaking as well. I can recall great ideas of my own once i go through ur essays. However , there's one section where i am having great deal of problem and tht is Reading. I am a good reader, i read a lot and have been reading for many years but i dont get correct answers ,especially in the matching the headline section and tru or false. I become very puzzled even though I am attentively reading it. Please give me some tips for this. I need 8 bands in reading because of my medical qualifications. thanks a lot!

  4. I cannot reply anyone's comments unless one leaves one's e-mail id or write me directly at

  5. great work !!!!
    good grammar + accurate info
    one drawback in my opinion: the word " museum" was used repeatedly; maybe too much.

    regards from Egypt.



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