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Monday, October 17, 2011

Important cue cards for October and November 2011

Talk about a change in your life ( a positive change that you made in your life recently)
-          What is it
-          When did it happen
-          How you felt about it
Talk about journey that took longer than you expected.
-          When it was
-          where were you going
-          why did it take longer than was expected
Another version
Talk about a journey to which you have been late. Please say
- where you intended to go,
- whom you went with, and
- how you felt about being late.
Describe a book that you would like to read again
-          Which book is it
-          Where did you read it
-          Why do you think it would be useful in the future
Another version
Talk about your favorite book. Please say
-          - Who wrote it?
- Why do you like it so much?
- When did you read it?
- Would you like to read it again?
Talk about your favourite company
-          Who is the owner of that company
-          Why is it famous in your country
-          Why you like that company
Talk about a restaurant where you went with your family
-          What is the name of the restaurant
-          Where is it
-          When did you go
Talk about a Hollywood movie which you recently watched
-          Where did you see it
-          What did you like or dislike about it
Another version
Talk about a foreign movie that you saw. Please say
- What was it about?
- What did you like about it?
- Why did you remember that movie?

Talk about a Hollywood song
-          Where did you hear it
-          What you feel when you listen it
Another version
Talk about a song from your childhood that you remember until now. Please say
- What is it about?
- What is the significance of this song in your life?
- What do you feel when you hear this song?
Talk about a situation when you were a little angry
-          What was the situation
-          Where was it
-          Who was there
Describe a leader in your life who impressed you the most. Please say
- What were his/her qualities?
- Where have you met him/her?
- How do you know him/her?
Another version
Talk about a person, whom you have seen in the news and would like to meet personally. Please say
- Who is this person?
- Why would you like to meet him/her?
- What would you like to talk about with him/her?
Talk about a person who has a healthy life style
-          Who is he
-          How do you know him
-          Why do you think he has a healthy life style
Talk about a TV program you have watched. Please say
- What is this program?
- When did you watch it?
- What did you learn from it?
Another version
Talk about your favorite TV program. Please say
- When do you watch it?
- Why do you watch it?
- Why do you find it interesting?
Another version
Talk about a TV program you didn’t like
-          What is this program?
-           When did you watch it?
-          What you didn’t like
Another version
Talk about an educational program.
-          What the program is about?
-          How do you find that programme?
-          Why you like/dislike that programme?
Describe your dream home. Please say
- Where would you prefer your home to be situated?
- With whom would you like to spend time there?
- What kind of design would you prefer?
- Explain what would you like/dislike about this kind of home.
Talk about something that you are learning. Please say
- What is it?
- How do you learn this?
- Is this knowledge useful nowadays?
Another version
Describe something you enjoyed to learn.
-          What it was.
-          How you learnt it.
-          Why you enjoyed it.
Describe the type of clothes you like to wear, please say
-          Where do you buy clothes?
-          How often do you go to buy clothes?
-          How do you choose clothes?
-          Why do you like to buy clothes?
Another version
Talk about the kind of clothes you prefer. Please say
- What kind of clothes do you like?
- Why do you like that particular kind?
- Where do you buy such clothes?
Describe a family function you have attended. Please say
- What was the function?
- Who was there with you?
- How did you enjoy the function?
Describe a place near water (sea, lake, river) you have been to when you were child.
-          When did you go there?
-          Whom did you go there with?
-          Why did you like/dislike this place?
-          Why it was interesting to you?
Describe a situation when you helped somebody. Please say
-          Who was he/she?
-          When did it take place?
-          How did you help him/her?
Describe a musical event that you have attended or seen on TV, please say
-          What event was it?
-          Where was it?
-          Did you enjoy it?
Another version
Talk about a music concert that you went to. Please say
- Where was the concert?
- What was its main theme?
- Why did you like it?
Tell about expensive thing you would like to buy;
-          how does it look like;
-          why would you like to buy it
Another version ( tense used is different)
Talk about an expensive thing you bought recently
-          What was it
-          When did you buy it
-          From where did you buy it
Did you have to save money for it
Describe a neighbor that you know well. Please say
-          Who is he/she?
-          How did you meet him/her?
-          How long have you known him/her?
-          Why do you like him/her?
-          How often do you see him
Talk about your good friend
-          Who is he
-          How long have you known him
-          What do you like / dislike about him
What quality in you, you like the most,
-          does it help you in life..
-          what change it bring in your life.
Another version
describe a good personality that you posses.
Why this personality is good
How it helps you in your life
Describe a peaceful place you want to visit:
-          Where is it?
-          When will you visit it
-          What will you do there?
-          Have you ever visited this place before?
Talk about a time when you experienced a bad weather
-          When was it
-          What happened
-          What did you do
-          How did you feel about it
Describe a leisure center in your city (a park, a cinema, a shopping mall or similar)
-          Where is it located?
-          What amenities does it offer?
-          How often do you go there?
Talk about a vehicle that you would like to buy. Please say
-          What vehicle is that?
-          Why do you like it?
-          Do you intend to buy this vehicle in future?
-          What purpose would you use this vehicle for?
Talk about a country or town you would like to visit. Please say
-          What country / town is it?
-          With whom would you like to go?
-          How do you plan to get there?
-          Why do you want to go there?
Describe one of your days off, please say
-          Where would you go?
-          With whom would you spend the day?
-          What activities would you do?
-          Please explain why you like a day off.
Describe an adventurous person that you know or read about. Please say
-          Who is this person?
-          Why do you find him/her an adventurer?
-          What can you learn from him/her?
Talk about an activity that you do to keep yourself healthy. You should say:
-          what this activity is,
-          when you do it,
-          where you do it,
-          whether you would recommend this to others and why.
Talk about a recent news you came across,
-          who was involved in it
-          how did people respond.
Describe the oldest person you know
-          Who is she
-          How was she related to you
-          Explain what was good about this person
Another version
An Old Person You Like to Talk to 
Describe the shop you like to visit?
-          where it is?
-          what it is famous for?
-          how you went first time there?
Describe a street that you know
-          Where is it located
-          What buildings are there on the street
-          How often do you go on that street
Describe your regular walks, please say
-          Where do you walk?
-          Whom do you walk with?
-          What do you see on the way?
-          Explain why you are walking regularly.
Another version
Talk about a walk you have enjoyed
-          When was it
-          With whom
-          Why you enjoyed it
Talk about the profession that can change the world. Please say
-          Do you know anyone working in that profession?
-          Why would it change the world?
-          What do you think can make this job enjoyable?
Describe a visit you have done to a member of your family.
-          Who was that person?
-          Why you visited him or her?
-          How long was the visit?
-          explain why this visit was particular to you.
Talk about a magazine or a newspaper article that you have really liked. Please say
-          What was it about
-          Why did you like it?
-          How often do you read this magazine/newspaper?
Talk about a family member you often want to spend time with. Please say
-          Who is he/she?
-          How did you get to know each other?
-          Why do you want to spend most of your time with him/her?
Sports day/competition held in your school/college
-          When was it
-          What you liked and disliked about it
Talk about a historical building
-          Which building is it
-          Where is it
-          What you like or dislike about it
Talk about a museum you enjoy visiting
-          What is it
-          What you see there
-          How long you spend there
Talk about a character from a story that you heard in your childhood
-          What is this character
-          Why you liked him
Talk about an interesting public place
-          where,
-           who visit them,
-          why it is interesting.
Another version
An interesting place you would like to visit   
Talk about a trip that you would like to go on. Please say:
- Where would you go?
- How long would the trip be?
- Do you like to travel alone or with other people?
Talk about a place you have visited at open air. Please say
- Where did you go?
- Why did you go there?
- What did you do there?
Describe a good student you have studied with.
-          who he/she is
-          when you studied together
-          what relationship you had with this person
-          and explain how you felt about him/her.
48. - 55
A few more ( I don’t have the cues for them)
An advertisement
A wild animal your future work plans
A workplace
A gift you would like to give
A good student
Two people from the same family
An outdoor activity


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