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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Although there are more and more women police officers in reality, are they really suitable for this job?

Increasing numbers of women are choosing to work in the police force nowadays and have showed their mettle in this field. The issue raised is whether women are actually suited for such jobs. I believe that not only are women suited for such jobs, they are in fact better than men in many areas of police jobs.

In many of the areas of police activity, women are especially adaptable and can even perform better than men. For example, policewomen are especially suitable for working for special police prostitution groups, dealing with trafficking in women within the larger cities. They are also better in dealing with domestic violence and juvenile affairs. Policewomen are generally more acceptable to women and children who have been the victims of the misdeeds of men. Girls and young children have more confidence in women.

What is more, the field of crime prevention is becoming more important to police agencies and here policewomen play their greatest role. They are also gifted in gaining the confidence of small children and in determining whether behaviour is normal or antisocial. The employment of policewomen offers the best method of finding out the real problem, and then determining the best course of action to pursue.

Research conducted internationally clearly demonstrates that women officers use less physical force and are therefore better at dealing with violent confrontations with citizens. Additionally, women officers often possess better communication skills than their male counterparts and are better in obtaining the cooperation and trust required in their job. They are considered at least equal to male officers in most areas of police work. They have shown no differences in the quality of their performance in street patrolling. Those skeptical about their role of police officers base their argument on women’s lack of physical strength. However, with proper training even this factor can be overcome.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, female officers are equally capable as their male counterparts. In some situations they have even proved themselves better than men. No wonder, we are seeing more and more women in police force.

Plan followed in the essay
Intro: Give your opinion and write a thesis statement. I have said women are suitable for these jobs and are even better at places.
Para 1: Give examples where women are better than men – Prostitution, juvenile crime
Para 2: More examples of where they are better – crime prevention
Para 3: Better communication skills – as good in street patrolling. Opponents view – less physical strength – negate it
Conclusion: Reiterate your views.

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  1. Thanks alot mam please give more and more updates . It helps me alot in getting different ideas thanks and Regards.



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