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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To get success, some people say that University education is essential while others don't find this true in today’s scenario. Discuss both views and give your opinion. ( 7th Jan AC essay India)

Some individuals are of the opinion that tertiary education is very necessary while others opine that university education is no guarantee of success in the present times. In this essay, I intend to look at both viewpoints.

Proponents of university education claim that just as clothing is to first impressions, so is that university degree to that first job or a job with a good pay. The first thing that companies look for is that piece of paper before looking at an individual's experience. Having a college degree opens up opportunities that one would not have had if that individual did not have any kind of degree. A degree simply proves that an individual has gone through the necessary training and understanding of how to carry out a job. Having a degree most definitely helps any individual achieve success in shorter and easier steps. What is more, there are certain professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and architects which are very much dependent on university education. No one would go to an uncertified doctor who may prescribe the wrong medication or give a wrong diagnosis and no one would hire an architect to build his house only to have it collapse.

On the other hand there are many who say that having a degree does not equate to success. They believe that personal traits or characteristics lead to success in a career. These traits are creativity, adaptability, honesty, integrity, and effort.  For the most part, a university degree does not signal whether a person has those traits.  A degree does not indicate in any way how a person will function in the real world. Hands-on skills and practical experience are more important in the present scenario. Even today’s employers give more importance to these traits while hiring. They also cite examples of people who made it big without any university degree. For example, Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell dropped out of college at 19. Henry Ford never graduated high school, but went on to start one of the largest automobile manufacturing companies in the world, Ford Motor Company.

Furthermore, in today‘s scenario, people with some talent, for example, in the entertainment or sports field can achieve name and fame very soon. The reality shows have made it possible for the girl or boy next door with some talent achieve success overnight. Finally, a university education does not generally enable you to achieve successful relationships with family and friends.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that the attributes needed to become successful in today‘s world do not necessarily depend on a university degree. However, in some situations such as professional courses, it is needed to get success.

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