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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Describe a foreign musical festival that you enjoyed. Please say - Where was it? - When was it? - Who was there with you? - How did you feel after that?

·       I love music and I have attended many music festivals in my life.
·       Here I would like to talk about a music festival held in Lovely Professional University which is in my home town.
·       This fest was on the eve of New Year.
·       My friends are studying in this University so they were there with me.
·       Actually it was a cultural fest of the univ. but it turned out to look like a foreign music fest because there are about 300 foreign students in that university.

·       Many of them sang songs in their languages.
·       There was one song in Turkish, one in Spanish and one in Swahili.
·       Although I was not able to understand the lyrics, but we all thoroughly enjoyed the beat of the songs.
·       The way they sang was so beautiful that everyone clapped and danced with them.
·       There were many Punjabi songs too which all the foreign students enjoyed.
·       They danced very well on the beat of our Bhangra music.
·       I felt very good after the fest.
·       It has been rightly said that music is a universal language.
·       It unites people.
·       The fest in that university proved that even if people don’t know other languages, still they can enjoy and dance together because of music.

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