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Friday, January 20, 2012

Speaking memories 20th Jan 2012

Intro questions
1.    What is your full name?
2.    May I see your ID?
3.    Did you choose your subjects?

4.    Why you choose these?
5.    Let us talk about books - what type of books do you like?
6.    Who is your favourite author?
7.    Why he is your favourite?
8.    Do you like to wear clothes which are in fashion.
9.    Do you like shopping for clothes?

Cue card

Film you saw recently
-       when you saw
-       how was the film

Follow ups
1.    Do you think young and old people like to watch different types of movies?
2.    What are the advantages of watching movies on TV over cinema?
3.    Why people still like old movies.


  1. Talk about a place in another country you would like to visit
    Where is the place
    How do you know about the place
    Why would you like to go there

    please help me out with answer

  2. A bad weather you experienced

    help me out with answer

  3. You have a photograph that you like the most. Explain what you like about the photograph, When it was taken, who took it?

    help me out with answer

  4. Describe something good about your personality or character

    What is it?
    Why u like it?
    Does it affects you?
    and from whom you got affected to have good personality or character like this?

    help me out with answer

  5. Character from a story you heard in childhood
    - Who is the character
    - How does it look like
    - What you learn from this character

    help me out with answer



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