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Friday, November 18, 2011

Speaking memories 18th Nov 2011

1.       What is your full name?
2.       Are you a student or working?
3.       What noise do you like?
4.       What noise do you dislike?
5.       Do you find it comfortable to work in a noisy place?
6.       What are the sources of noise in cities?

7.       What were your subjects in college?
8.       Do you think, in your country people study the subject which you studied?
9.       What subject would you opt for when you go abroad for study?
10.   How often do you send e-mails or letters?
11.   To whom do you send e-mails or letters?

Cue card
Talk about your dream home
-          Where it would be
-          What kind of house it would be
-          With whom you would like to live there

Follow ups
1.       Do you think you would be able to live in such a house?
2.       What is the difference in houses here and in foreign countries?
3.       In Punjab what sort of houses are there in the countryside and in cities?
4.       What are the benefits of living in apartments in comparison to houses?

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