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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Foreign food you want to try

·         I have tried many foreign foods in my life, such as Chinese Manchurian, Chowmein and the Italian Pizza and pasta, but here I would like to talk about a dish which I would really like to try.
·         It is the Mexican burrito.
·         One of my cousins has recently been to USA and he told me about this dish.
·         He told me that he had it several times while he was in the States.
·         Burrito is very delicious and is very similar to Indian cuisine.
·         It is available in two presentations.
·         One in a bowl and the other in a wrap which is similar to the Punjabi chapatti.
·         There are many things which can be added in the dish according to our taste.
·         We can add red beans and many types of cheese and vegetables such as broccoli and capsicum.
·         I am a vegetarian so I would not like to add the chicken pieces to it.
·         Many types of sauces can also be added according to taste.
·         My cousin went to Houston and Houston is known as the food capital of USA.
·         He told me that almost all international cuisines are available there.
·         He liked the Mexican food at Chipotle the best.
·         He told me that it was so awesome that he ate it many times.
·         I also wish to try this new dish.
·         Unfortunately it is not available in my home town.
·         There are some Mexican food outlets in big cities like Delhi.
·         Whenever I go to any foreign country, I would surely like to try this dish.

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