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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Although nowadays people are reading news through internet, newspapers still remain of value. Do you agree or disagree. (17th Nov 2011 Essay – India)

Much has changed for the news industry since the rise of the Internet. However, I agree with the given statement that newspapers are still of great importance. A number of arguments surround my opinion.

The main advantage of the printed newspaper is that it does not require any sophisticated, cumbersome technical equipment to read. This offers the reader a high level of flexibility. The printed newspaper can basically be read in any place at any time. For instance, a person may read the paper while commuting to and from work. He may just have enough time to go through the headlines in the morning and then he may go through the news which interests him later on. Secondly, the reader can absorb the information offered at his own pace. What is more, the level of importance of each news story is made more obvious by use of different sized headline fonts.

Furthermore, local information such as local news, listing of movies and entertainment in the local area, news of local sporting events and other events in the local area are best assessed through the printed newspaper. Readers will always want to know about things closest to home and no news organization is better equipped or staffed to supply this information than a newspaper. To add to it, the newspapers also have coupons and advertisements for stores having sales. Finally, in many parts of the world that day is still very far when each and every person will have a computer and internet connection.

Undoubtedly, the appetite for news from the Internet is growing, but it's just one part of a varied diet. The average person gets news from a variety of sources--some online, some from TV or radio and some from newspapers and magazines. It is irrefutable that the technical potential of the internet greatly surpasses that of the printed newspapers in a number of ways. Through the internet there is the possibility of regular updates, access to archives, rapid access to a large number of newspapers, and being paperless it is very eco-friendly. However, I still believe that the printed newspaper is the king of all news media.  
To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, the online newspaper and the printed newspaper are not mutually exclusive. One can use both and many people do. Online news has not lead to any decline in the circulation of newspapers.

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  1. I would like to say,Still people are stick with newspaper. The newspapers keep us in touch with the latest news today and world affairs. Newspaper provides information about political leaders, political affairs, natural disaster warning, current affairs etc. It should be helpful to people to serve life in a better way.



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