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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speaking memories 18th Nov 2011

1.       What is your full name?
2.       Where do you come from?
3.       What do you do - work or study
4.       In which college did you study?
5.       Do you think, in your country people study the subject which you studied?
6.       Do you do any exercise?
7.       Which exercise is suitable for all ages?
8.       Which game would you like to learn in future?
9.       Do you send e-mails or letters?
10.   Do you keep your e-mails or letters?
11.   To save your data, do you use pen-paper or computer?
Cue card
Talk about an advertisement you saw and liked
-          What was it
-          Where did you see it
-          Why do you remember it
Follow ups
1.       Do you think we should see ads or not?
2.       What do advertisers do to attract customers?
3.       Should they do like this?
4.       What effect it has on children?
5.       Should there be any rules and regulations regarding ads?
6.       Should some ads be banned?

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