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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some countries have an ever-increasing proportion of population who are aged 15 and younger. What is your opinion of the current and future effects it may have in those countries?

Intro: ( in introduction, you can list some reasons for this situation).
-          Illiteracy and poverty
-          Wars – Iraq & US war
-          Diseases like AIDS – Africa
Paragraph 1: Current effects
- illiteracy and poverty increasing further.
-          Lack of experienced people --- no one to guide children
Crime – juvenile delinquency increasing
Paragraph 2: More burden on government as this age group is dependent. More investment needed in educational institutes
Paragraph 3: Future effects
-          Unemployment
-          Crime
-          Terrorism – this age group is vulnerable enough to be lured towards terrorism
-          Other countries will invade

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